3v Printing Terms & Conditions


Artwork must be submitted in one of the following formats

  • * Adobe Illustrator (AI)
  • * Encapsulated Post Script (EPS)
  • * Photoshop Files (PSD), Must be 300DPI or higher. With all layers separated.
  • *** Any file submitted other than formats mentioned above will be subject to design charges.
  • ***Vectored files are preferred
  • ***Design charge is $25 & up.
  • ***All provided artwork files are kept on file for reorder purposes only.
  • ***Created and recreated artwork and artwork files remain the property of 3Vprinting.
  • Vellums, Films and Screens remain the property of 3Vprinting and can be discarded without notice.


  • * All artwork created by 3Vprinting will be submitted to the customer via email for approval.
  • * Customer have the right to change artwork, Please note that changes can increase cost of design & delay turnaround time.
  • Please approve carefully by examining your Logo/Design. Check- Spelling/Colors/Sizes/Placements.
  • ***3V printing will not be responsible for any changes/error after approval.


  • 3Vprinting currently does not offer pantone colors.
  • 3Vprinting can only match colors to the best of their ability from digital proof.
  • Customers who have concerns about color, Are more than welcome to stop by our location for color sample & approval.
  • * There is a $10 charge per Ink Change.


  • * We have 12 pcs Minimum per design on Screen Printing.
  • * Vinyl/Thermoflex print – NO MINIMUM (Priced per job)
  • * Foil/Flock Print – NO MINIMUM (Priced per job)


  • * Claims must be made within 24hrs of receiving the product.
  • * In case of an error, Please notify immediately via Phone/Email.


  • * 3Vprinting is not responsible sizes/colors variations of shirts/ink.
  • Customers who are unsure of outcome, Can ask to see a sample before printing the rest of shirts.
  • * In case of refusal to do so due to time factors or inconvenience of customer, 3Vprinting will take no responsibility.


  • * Regular turnaround time is 3-7 business days from the date of down payment.
  • Please note, Changes on artwork can change turnaround time & availability of garments.
  • If specific garment will have to be shipped out of the state of GA, Customer will be notify & turnaround will change.


  • *If a vendor don’t have specific color/size, Customer will be notify via email/phone & If there is no response 3Vprinting will substitute shirt/color/size the best way we can to complete your order on time.


  • *Same day turnaround – Ready within 24hrs
  • *Next day turnaround – Ready within 48hrs
  • *3 day turnaround – Ready within 72hrs
  • *** All rush orders have to be paid in full upfront.

You are welcome to provide your own garments, HOWEVER
In case of a misprint, we will ONLY replace the part that is provided by us.
In addition, if we have to replace garments, we will replace them with items we carry within our catalog
and are available in stock.

Unless customers provide specific sizes and placement, all jobs will be printed
in standard size and placement.

Your business is appreciated we are open 10 am-5 pm, Mon-Fri please contact us for any of your further needs.
Please Call Us At – 404.254.9651